SOURCE: Andrew Hudson


Probably the most exciting, most dreamed about opportunity I have ever had came true this last week... I got to train at the legendary Elitefts gym with my coach/friend/mentor John Meadows and the iconic Dave Tate... from the get go my goal was to puke like Evan Centopani did.. if I can do that then I'm hardcore right? Well I gave my absolute all.. left nothing in the tank.. I failed so bad I couldn't push the sled back up on the leg press and found myself on the floor, not being able to hold my bodyweight up... thank you so much Dave and John for taking the time to teach a youngbuck like me some of what you know! Was awesome and I promise you I'm taking what I learned and putting it into practise the second I land back home! For everyone else if you want to know more about what went down have a read...     - Andrew Hudson

This is the training session they did -->  The Guy We Were Not Able To Drop (for long)