With all the information available in books, videos and online, you’d think every athlete out there would be squatting with perfect form, getting huge and making gains. The reality is that without a mentor, training partner or knowledgeable coach, it takes years to become an expert on squat technique. Coaching anyone on the squat effectively takes even longer to perfect.

On any given day, an all state linebacker, a Division I recruited defensive end or whatever and who ever they are, will walk into my facility for their initial assessment. It’s the same drill every time, “Face me and do three squats.” “Turn to the side and do three squats.” The results are almost always the same. The knees drive forward over the toes, the knees collapse inward, the athlete will tuck his butt beneath him and round his back at the bottom of the squat.

There are several main issues we see when I coach someone to squat for the first time. These points have been evident over the years and we found ourselves over the years addressing the same issues over and over again.

1) Foot collapses inward

2) Knees cave inward

3) Knee’s travel too far forward over the toes

4) Rounding of the spine (“Butt wink”)

After witnessing these issues over and over again throughout the years, we concluded that there has to be a better more simple way to teach people how to squat properly. Clearly the articles, videos and information out there are all missing the mark. We decided it was time to revolutionize how the squat is taught.


The SquatGuide™ is the first patent pending device on the market that deals directly with safe and effective squatting technique. The SquatGuide™ was developed in conjunction with a physical therapist, myself and a master fabricator. We all put our expertise together in order to teach people to squat correctly.

The SquatGuide™ takes us back to simple, anatomically correct basic steps that immediately help teach and clean up the squat pattern. The SquatGuide™ acts as a coach, cueing the athlete and providing feedback to the athlete on every repetition. Coaching the squat becomes effortless and the results are seen within minutes.

As a Strength Coach that works with athletes every day, I can tell you the SquatGuide™ is invaluable in my gym. I use them on a daily basis to teach the squat, as a part of a warm-up component and to improve mobility in my athletes and clients.

TO PURCHASE: https://www.elitefts.com/movement-guides-incorproated-squatguidetm.html