We’re excited to introduce Jason Colley as the newest coach/columnist for Team elitefts — joining Dani Overcash as the resident physical therapists.

Through his coaching log, he'll be documenting the progress of his therapy clients to provide real-life applications for you. As a columnist, Jason is sharing his approach as a therapist to training and program design for powerlifting and bodybuilding while also detailing a more in-depth account of his practice — pre/intra/post client rehab.  Jason uses his competition background to help healthy athletes optimize recovery to prevent injury and to use rehabilitation with injured athletes to promote performance.

“I have been following Team elitefts for over a decade. I have looked up to these athletes for strength, progress, motivation, and education. I consider being part of the team both a privilege and, most certainly, a dream come true.”


More about Jason

Jason has a competition background in both powerlifting and bodybuilding. In powerlifting, he holds a pro raw total at 1901 in the 242-pound weight class, and in bodybuilding, he finished top 3 in the open class at the 2011 NPC Ironman.

He obtained his undergraduate degrees in Exercise Science and Strength and Human Performance and Masters degree in Physical Therapy at St. Ambrose University. He currently lives in Oak Park, IL and is the owner of Performance and Recovery Systems, where he works with clients as a Soft Tissue Therapist and Active Release Therapist.


Check out his latest article, Priorities for the Powerlifter and Bodybuilder — Lower Body Mobility and Stability.