Welcome Matt Mills to elitefts!

We're excited to announce Matt Mills as our newest addition to Team elitefts. As a strongman competitor, powerlifter, business owner, and coach, Matt's writing style gears towards solving problems and providing solutions through intelligent troubleshooting and programming. It doesn't stop there — he shares why and who contributed to his ideas, giving you an opportunity to trace his methodology back to its roots. Get a feel for his style by reading his April publication, Overhead Pressing for a Bigger and Safer Bench Press. In this article, he outlines his use of the overhead press to make his bench stronger after two pec tears.

"I competed in my first powerlifting meet after reading an article on elitefts that gave me the motivation I needed to be better. Since then, I only buy elitefts equipment for my facility. Through my competing and the knowledge I have gained from the elitefts, my business has grown exponentially from the beginning. The motto "live, learn, pass on" is something I try to live by every day." — Matt Mills

More about Matt

Matt Mills is a graduate of the University of Connecticut, earning both his Bachelor and Master in Strength and Conditioning. He is also certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. As a strength athlete, he is an accomplished powerlifter with a best deadlift of 800 pounds. He is a middleweight pro strongman with best competition lifts of a 360-pound log press, 900-pound pound Hummer tire deadlift, and a 410-pound Farmers Walk. Matt is the owner of Lightning Fitness, located in South Windsor, Connecticut. He has worked with over a thousand athletes, helping them reach their fitness and nutrition goals.

Check out his latest article, Strongman Conditioning for Powerlifters, published today!