On 6/6/17, John Meadows invited Antoine Vaillant and Jujimufu to Columbus to do a photoshoot for Granite Nutrition. John asked Dave Tate to use the S4 compound for this. What you’re about to see is a glimpse of what went down. Love it, hate it, share it, or bitch about it in the comments. —Dave Tate


Instagram star and self-proclaimed “anabolic acrobat” Jujimufu visited Dave Tate at the elitefts S4 compound with IFBB pros John Meadows and Antoine Vaillant. Jujimufu combines tricking (a sport featuring twists and kicks), lifting, and extreme flexibility in his Youtube and Instagram videos.

Biceps and deadlifts with chains were on the menu for Jujimufu and Antoine. The goal was to pull all the chains at the compound; there are 42 chains scattered throughout the compound and most of the chains weigh 20 pounds each. You do the math.

After working up to 20 chains per side, Jujimufu failed, and Antoine emerged as the winner. Jujimufu made up for this by donning a horse mask for a set and then supersetting deadlifts with backflips.

He didn’t impress Dave, though. “Chains don’t count.”