SOURCE:  Ken Kinakin SWIS Symposium 2015

Another presenter confirmed today for the SWIS Symposium 2015 on November 13-14, 2015 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
Julia Ladewski, an elite strength and conditioning coach, an elite powerlifter in three different weight classes and also a physique competitor.

Dr. Eric Serrano recommended her and I can see why. She is going to be a great addition to the SWIS 2015 Symposium line up. I am so looking forward to seeing her presentation, "Advanced Strength Training for Women". If you are a woman wanting to learn how to lift heavier properly or coach women, this will be the presentation to see. Read her impressive bio below.


Julia Ladewski, CSCS, is first and foremost a coach – a coach to athletes, women, men, powerlifters, crossfitters, fitness enthusiasts, recreational lifters and those seeking body transformation. She takes pride in helping people from all walks of life see and reach their full potential.


Julia was a Division I University strength & conditioning coach from 2002-09 at the University at Buffalo, working with every sport on campus. From 2009-2014, she was Director of Sports Performance at Parisi Speed School in Schererville, IN.


As an sponsored athlete and Coach, Julia is an Elite level powerlifter in three different weight classes. Her best totals to date are 1102 at 132 and 1085 at 123. She can squat 463, bench 253, and deadlift 424. She is also a physique competitor, having only come on the scene 2 years ago. Mother of two children, ages 7 and 6. Married to her husband Matt, who owns Region Barbell Club in Munster, IN where Julia trains herself and her clients.


Julia continues to write and speak about youth sports performance, female strength sports and nutrition. She is one of the best hands-on technical coaches in the country. Most of her writing can be found on and