Linda pushes the Prowler at the end of her workout with five plates on each pole as a full-body muscle-builder and calorie burner.

Linda's Prowler Workout

Four sets (back-to-back) of the following:
    • Push Prowler for 45 seconds
    • Actively rest for 60 seconds

#Repost @ldfitvideo・・・TAG A FRIEND WHO NEEDS A GOOD SWEAT AND CHALLENGE THEM TO DO THIS WITH YOU!!! .I pushed this thing until fatigue to the point my legs felt like cement really Think about what you can "able" to do and add one more pairs of disk to it.. I did and end on the last set with 5 plates each. I didn't record cause we were running on time. One sure thing is your mind will be the one to quit first, don't listen MAKE UP YOUR MIND - CAST OFF YOUR CHAINS - PASS THE BARRIERS & SHATTER YOUR LIMITS! This is what IT TAKES!..Try this at the end of your workout with 4 sets of 45sec 1 min hard work and 1 minute active rest by walking It out if you can lol This is much better than stationed machines. You're using your entire body to maximize calories burnt and building those muscular tigers legs and butt .#LetsWorkoutTogether #LindaDurbesson #OnlineCoaching #PersonalTrainer #LDFIT #LDFITmag #TeamLD #BrandInBlack #TeamBlade

Posted by Linda Durbesson on Thursday, June 11, 2015

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