It seems that as proper nutrition becomes more and more of a must in the performance world more and more people are developing negative connotations with food. Most commonly I have seen people being scared of food. The high carb dieters are scared of fat, the low carb dieters are scared of carbs, and people who follow IIFYM are scared to go off of their meal plan. Now I am not saying that compliance is a bad thing, however foods should not carry a negative connotation. Yes McDonalds isn't optimal but you shouldn't be scared of it. When you develop irrational connotations with food you are confining yourself and your life to a program. If you have spoken to anyone that has experienced that they will tell you it only leads to dysfunction. As a coach I see this far more often than I would like too, it is not uncommon for me to spend 10-12 weeks just trying to develop a healthy and balanced mindset that coincides with a meal plan for a client.

That being said, scientist are showing clear differentiations between the types of fat. Fat is a macronutrient that is essential to life, you will really suffer without consuming enough fat. Science Daily brings us an article review on what the scientists found. They have correlations that show saturated fats do not lead to life threatening disease.

"Contrary to prevailing dietary advice, a recent evidence review found no excess cardiovascular risk associated with intake of saturated fat. In contrast, research suggests that industrial trans fats may increase the risk of coronary heart disease..."

"The team found no clear association between higher intake of saturated fats and death for any reason, coronary heart disease (CHD), cardiovascular disease (CVD), ischemic stroke or type 2 diabetes."

This is a perfect example of differentiating what you should and should not be aware of with fats. Aware is very different than afraid. Despite common beliefs, for decades we have been aware that saturated fats are not harmful, the biochemistry involved has not changed. Food is fuel and education eliminates ignorance. You know regular gas is made with less quality than premium but your not scared to put regular gas in your car. Be objective and don't be afraid of food.

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