Effective in 2016, a new men's division—Classic Physique— will be added to the NPC/IFBB pro schedule. The best way to describe this division is that it falls between Men's Physique and Men's Bodybuilding.  It's for those competitors that carry more muscle than what is intended for Men's Physique yet are not big enough to meet the standards of a bodybuilder.  The division will be split up in three categories based on height and weight. Posing and attire is similar to bodybuilding but the most muscular pose is excluded.

The trend across the judging panel has been that every division tends to get bigger and harder with every year. Another change that will fall in place for the 2016 schedule is the toning down of all divisions, both male and female.  For example, the addition of Classic Physique is intended to reset the original look for Men's Physique and  maintain the high standards of Bodybuilding. The same judging standards are intended for females. Therefore,  Bikini, Figure, and Women's Physique will also reset to there initial intended look (less muscle size and less hardness).

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