In summary, Puerto Rico is considering enacting a bill, which would involve government intervention to identify obese children, educate their families and monitor them over time. If no progress is observed after certain time intervals, families may be subject to child neglect and monetary fines.

"Critics say the government is encroaching on territory it has no right to occupy.”

At what point does a government have an obligation to step in and protect citizens from putting themselves in danger?

“We had a 10-year-old at summer camp who weighed 167lb,” Negron said. “I asked his mother if she took him to the park and she said no because she didn’t want him to hurt himself. Yet she sent him in every day with two slices of pizza for his lunch. She didn’t see that she was the one hurting him.” 

Are many parents of obese children loving, caring, hardworking and amazing people? Absolutely. However, it is perhaps important to come to terms with the fact that obese children need change in there lifestyle. Perhaps the change should start with motivation, awareness and education of the parents. If some reasonable form of incentive and penalty could be issued to spark this change…should it be considered? Especially when the foundation of a child's health, which may have lifelong consequences, is largely out of their hands and determined by the parents.

Please feel free to read, contemplate and form your own opinion of this article.

Puerto Rico Law Would Brand Parents of Obese Children ‘Child Abusers’