Rogue Fitness is in the process of getting the word "Strongman" trademarked in Europe.

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Rogue's move is one that comes with concern and criticism from those in the strongman community...

...but as of Nov. 20, Rogue has already trademarked the word in the United States.

Rogue Fitness owner Bill Henniger said in a statement that "the trademark is to distinguish pieces of Rogue equipment" and that the company is not trademarking the sport itself.

"It probably looks like we are going to try and tell people that they can’t use the term strongman for competitions, events, or equipment. That isn’t going to happen. No way are we going to do that, zero chance. I apologize for the confusion."

His words appeared to have little impact, as strongman competitors have been quick to point out that Rogue didn't trademark equipment, but the word "strongman" itself.

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