Source: National Strength and Conditioning Association

For years, it has become a tradition for the NFL combine to use the 225 Bench Press Repetitions Test. It has been used as a strength test by coaches but is it really a true measure of strength?

"There are three questions that need to be asked when thinking about this test. First, are we testing what we think we are testing? Second, are we training to improve what we are testing? And lastly, is what we are testing important to the sport?"

This test is assumed to be a strength test but depending on the athlete, the final test results are not as accurate as they should be. Coaches need different aspects of training if they want the athlete’s performance to increase. Bryan Mann, an elitefts columnist, hopes to see a change for this test in the near future by making the testing procedure more accurate with the use of equations. For this test to be successful and accurate, coaches need to decide how to get the best outcome and athletic performance at the NFL combine. "At its root, if the athlete is weak, get them stronger and they will see improvements in the test. If the athlete is strong, develop their strength-endurance and you should see great improvements in the test."

For more information on the 225 Bench Press Repetitions Test, watch the bridge video featuring Nick Clayton director of performance and special guest Bryan Mann professor of physical therapy.

Watch: 225-pound Bench Press Test with Dr. Bryan Mann


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