SOURCE: Facebook aka Book of Faces

In 2000 BC, the Greeks- "Damn, those guys that work with marble and stone and chop trees are jacked. Maybe if we too lift heavy things and eat, we can be jacked

And so they lifted heavy things and ate well, and by the Gods, they become jacked"

In O AD, "These Roman Soldiers are built as hell and trained, and just kicked our asses. Maybe if we copy them and get jacked and train, we too can be badass like them

And so the Germanic tribes lifted and ate and trained, and by the Pagan gods, they got jacked"

fast forward,

In 1000 AD, the Vikings-"Damn, those Vikings lift heavy shit and eat and drink like crazy and their swords are massive.

We just got our asses handed to us. Maybe if we too lift heavy shit and eat and drink like crazy and train with better weapons, we we can be big like them and be badass Mofos.

And so they did, and by the Holy Trinity, they got jacked and were able to fight the Vikings"

fast forward,

In 2014 AD-"Look at those stupid bodybuilders and strength athletes training every day and eating 6 meals, what dumbasses! Protein timing is bullshit, and they dont even read pubmed. LOLZ. Watch me troll this geared lifters video whose benching weight thats more than my total.

And by the bastardization of their god called "science and evidence", those people grew small and weak"

Guess which one is the better example to follow?

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