Vladislav “Vlad” Alhazov beat more than just his personal record for squatting raw with wraps on December 23 at the Adrenalin Meet. He also beat a world record — specifically, the one he set in July 2017 at 1,102 pounds in the 308+ weight class.

Alhazov’s latest PR and WR raw squat weighed in at 1,157 pounds.

That’s impressive on multiple fronts, especially considering that Alhazov suffered from a knee injury 10 years ago. He underwent a full knee reconstruction surgery, and it was possible he might never be able to lift again.

Clearly, he recovered and is doing more than just fine.

elitefts team member JP Carroll (SHW) says that Alhazov's record is one "that'll probably stand a very, very long time."

Header image courtesy of Strength Central via YouTube