If you want foul language and motivation, CT Fletcher is your guy. The YouTube personality who has built his cult following on a combination creative insults and inspirational stories never seems to run out of energy — so much so that a lot of viewers think it's all fake. His older videos are often cited as proof of the facade.

CT has addressed this. He swears that what you see in his videos now is the real CT. If the old school CT Fletcher videos weren't genuine, he had everyone fooled.

What has been missing from this entire CT Fletcher story is his real background. He has shared his own story through the Strength Podcast video that made him famous, but that short video is the extent of what we know about the real CT. What happens outside the frame of his own personal camera is anyone's best guess.

Mark Bell and SuperTraining.tv are helping with this. Bell and his crew traveled to CT's personal gym and spent nearly an hour training and talking to the man behind the internet sensation. Crazy, genuine, or a combination of the two — you'll have to decide for yourself.

You can find more from Mark Bell on his YouTube channel or the SuperTraining.tv website.

Video and header image via YouTube, supertraining06