Chris Duffin demonstrates how he wraps knees for a world record-breaking squat. The following steps are what Chris outlines within the video:

  1. Starting just below the knee, wrap one full time around.
  2. Overlap by one half of the wrap's width as you wrap up the knee.
  3. Once wrap is one length above knee, cross it over the knee diagonally.
  4. Wrap one full time around to lock bottom of wrap in.
  5. Cross wrap over knee diagonally again towards top of wrap.
  6. Wrap one full time around to lock top of wrap in.
  7. Loop end of wrap through the last full wrap at the top with pliers.

After the awesome wrap job, watch as the lifter takes the platform, unracks the weight, drops down, inflates his core, bends the bar over his back, twists the floor apart, sits back, AND SQUATS.

Filmed at Super Training Gym in Sacramento, CA.

Source: supertraining06



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