Sheri Whetham

Sheri deadlifts 451 pounds. This was an 11-pound all-time PR for her.

"Nothing like pulling a PR in front of a few thousand people and supporting all our lifting friends all weekend!! Heading home to Canada after a great weekend with great friends!" -- Ken Whetham

Molly Headley

Molly went 3/3 and finished the day with a lifetime 485-pound PR deadlift.

"Love this woman, love this sport! Look at her excitement over nailing her lifetime PR! Seriously, if your goals don't make you feel that way, you need new goals! Congratulations Molly!" -- Amanda Metcalf 

Matt Ladewski

At a bodyweight of 220.4 pounds, Matt opened with 720. He missed his second and third attempt at 766. 

This weekend went about as I expected with my results. I have to give a huge thank you to David and Traci Arnold-Tate for allowing me to represent elitefts. Thank you to Sheri and Ken Whetham for their help backstage. They clearly bring "team" to team elitefts. Dan Murray and crew for coming out to support and help this weekend. Clint Darden for keeping me from losing it about 100 times during this meet prep. I will mention Marguerite Leah here but she will get her own post. Your support and belief in me is overwhelming.

Bryan Doberdruk

One of our newest team members, Bryan Doberdruk, wins the event with a 777-pound deadlift.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support me! Proud to take home a win my first competition representing elitefts.

Athlete meet reports coming soon!