I saved this quote on my computer over a year ago. My friend Mark Myhal shared it from Thomas Plummer's Facebook page. Just found it in my inbox and I feel it is important to share.

"We lose clients because we sometimes demand too much from them, especially if we are young fitness professionals who can't tell the difference between our passion and personal dedication and their reality. We always demand more from our clients, and as professionals we often believe we exist just to motivate and lead, but we maybe have to consider the client has given us all she (any client male or female) has and we need to accept that her "all in" is all she has and will ever give even if her work and effort is below our expectations. Where we lose the client emotionally and financially is the disconnect between perfect performance from our view and the reality of her life and the limits of her potential. Most of us live lives of movement and activity, yet for our client 2 hours a week away from family might be all she has and can give. The most important thing to remember is that when you push clients, you have to push them to the limits of their potential in life and ability, not try and force the person beyond her capabilities and into your world. Sometimes we need to remember that good enough is just perfect in fitness for some people."

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