Last year at 220 pounds Bryan Doberdruk took home first place in the Xtreme Powerlifting Coalition (XPC) 21 Deadlift Salute (lightweight competition) with a 777pound deadlift. While looking to repeat as champion this year, Bryan is gearing up to pull 800 pounds and smash his all-time competition PR. Although he typically lifts in a raw capacity, Bryan will be using the Metal Jack Deadlift Suit on the day of competition. Training for this year’s XPC was initially quite frustrating due to the abnormality of pulling with a suit on. While not being used to this method of pulling, Bryan found himself in a couple faulty technique positions that resulted in missed lifts and a fried central nervous system. In order to combat this, he has been using this most recent training cycle to pull heavy more frequently, allowing his body to adapt to handling heavy loads while wearing the suit.



Before any competition, Bryan often finds himself lying anxiously in bed, unable to sleep, visualizing every attempt for the upcoming meet. Months, weeks, days and even hours before he steps on the platform, Bryan is privy to an array of nerves that attempt to stand in his way and prevent him from greatness. Much to their disappointment, the pre-game “nerves” are just that, pre-game nerves. Once Bryan hears his name called, he makes his way onto the platform, his nerves begin to subside, his confidence kicks into full gear and his focus doesn't waver, he is ready to go! The extra pressure of lifting in front of a big crowd is something Bryan attributes to his success; the electric environment brings out the best in him.


Team Doberdruk will be out in full force this year as multiple family members and friends are making the trip to Columbus to cheer on their favorite powerlifter. Bryan is extremely grateful and appreciative for the overwhelming support he has received in preparation for the XPC. This will be Bryan’s second year representing elitefts at the XPC and it is an opportunity he does not take lightly. He feels obligated to perform well not just because of the unlimited support he receives from his family and friends, but also the unconditional support he receives from elitefts.


Bryan Doberdruk pulled 781 pounds, hitting a new PR, and won the lightweight 220 and under division for the second year in a row.