Nutrition is an incredibly vast field where there are hundreds of different avenues to get you to the same destination. With proper application and compliance, almost any protocol can be effective. Unfortunately that makes understanding it all the more difficult.

Justin Harris created Comprehensive Performance Nutrition using a unique Q&A format that makes it a pleasure to read. Justin has incredible command over nutritional science and does a superb job of simplifying complex mechanisms. It sure to satisfy the questions you probably have about performance based nutrition.

The topics covered over the 120 pages include: fat loss, offseason dieting, supplements, powerlifting, general nutrition, and training.

If you are looking to learn more about nutrition and the science behind a meal plan this is the perfect book for you.

If you enjoy Justin's writing be sure to check out his site Troponin Nutrition. There you have the option to become a member of the site for special privileges and to purchase any of his seminars. More importantly you have the opportunity to work with Justin himself or any of his other nutritionists at a discounted rate.

You can also purchase it as an E-book!

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