Signature Multi-Half Rack w/ Weight Storage


The Signature Series stands alone with regards to its quality of construction and the standard features.

Typically ships in 10-12 weeks. Partially Assembled Freight Shipped.

Signature Multi-Half Rack w/ Weight Storage

This is the Signature Full Power Rack's little brother, but it isn't so little.

Made of 3x4 7-gauge steel, this rack comes in at a towering 105" tall. That's almost nine feet, for you non-mathematicians. The entire thing is power-coated to ensure years of use and abuse.

Heavy-duty j-hooks, movable band pegs, weight storage, bar holders, ring attachments for ropes or ab straps, all of it comes standard. This 1100-pound rack proves that half racks aren't for wusses.

No, your rack will not come with Clemson's colors and logos on it. Please call to discuss colors and options.
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