135 – 2x5

225 – 1x5

315, 3x5

GHR – 3x4  

And now on to the juicy….

A few years back I made a post referring to "man weight" and it sent people over the edge and made some uncomfortable. The gist of the post was I rarely ever get excited about anything I accomplish in training. In regards to that specific post, I think it was like a 500+ trap DL and that was one of a handful of times I got excited. I then went to clarify what I define as man weights in lifting versus chick weight. Come on tho, let’s be real. A 500+ trap DL DOES sound like man weight and pretty rad. Just sayin’.

That post was intended to be a lighthearted glimpse into my continual internal dialogue that nothing is ever good enough or makes me jump up and down, high fiving my pretend training partners. It was also a glimpse into how I categorize my lifts in my head.

So today, I have a new descriptor....man feat. Now stick with me on this and try not to get all uptight. It is what it is because I have only seen one other female do this. However, I am still undecided if this is as awesome as I thought when I first did it.

When I got home I shared the vid, got some praise and then shots were fired. Apparently what would be even cooler is finishing this plate hub pinch with a pinch press. And so this too has now become kinda cool and not something my pretend training partners are high fiving each other over anymore. And TBH, maybe I could have done it two years ago, so it’s really just another day at the office. I haven’t tried in a super long time. But for today, I will celebrate my success. Sort of.

Amy Plate Hub Pinch