Helping others seems to be something Ken and I are very passionate about. Last month we hosted a squat clinic at Commit 2B Fit, today we hosted the second of the series of three, the Bench Press Clinic.

Die hard sports enthusiasts came out, all but one had been at our squat clinic and believe it or not, none of the group had any bench press experience. This was pretty amazing, we didn't have any previous bad habits to break so we were able to "live, learn and pass on" our knowledge and experience today.


Starting from the basic set up, hand position, bar position, bar path to keeping everything tight.

We advanced from the bar, to adding weight, maxing some P.R.'s then moving onto utilizing our fat grips for some tricep work.

Pulling out our next trick from our goodie bag was the Elitefts Shoulder Saver which amazed them all at how this enabled them to put more weight on the bar.

Next we utilized the strength bands hanging kettlebells from the bar using the bands simulating a bamboo bar press, this was a hit with the ladies !

Finally after 3 hours of hands on learning we showed them how to do several assistance moves such as JM presses, tricep kickbacks, bent over rows, lat pull downs, tricep extensions, kettlebell highpulls and more.

Overall it was a great experience for all involved, the Athletes who were there to learn but for us as well, we met a group of sports enthusiasts such as ourselves who are trying to learn how to train hard and be better than they were yesterday.

We are looking forward to the Deadlift Clinic on April 26th which will complete this series of 3 workshops.

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