Now that I've given my body some rest after the APF Summer Bash, I'm running an off season training cycle, where my goal is to build upon my healthy movement, and hopefully hit the platform raw, full power in late 2017 or mid 2018, and rack up another 10x bodyweight total.

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Sunday morning I got in some early benching with just Trey and Alex. They had floor press for the day, so I just jumped in with them but add some chains in to keep things interesting and stay away from some straight weight for a bit. There wasn't anything too earth shattering or exciting about this training session except that it was our lovely 7am day. After training though, I went to church and spent the rest of the day with the lovely lady. A good relaxed, enjoyable Sunday.

Items Used in this Training Session
Sabertooth Bench Bar
Monster Mini Band
Spud Ab Strap

Warm Up
Soft Tissue Work - T-Spine, Lats, Glutes, Hamstrings, TFL, Quads
Cats/Camels - 10 each
90-90 T-Spine Rotation - 10 each side
Push Up to Downward Dog - 10
Band Dislocations - 10
Alternating Band Dislocations - 10 per arm
Band Pull Apart Super Series - 1 round
Band Curls, Rows, Pressdowns, Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns - 15 each

A1) Floor Press vs 2 Chains Per Side
55x10 - add chains
195x10 - PR

B1) Close Grip Floor Press

C1) KB Skull Crushers

D1) V-Bar Pressdowns

E1) Grenade Band Pressdowns
100 total reps
E2) Face Pulls
100 total