My Garage Gym Wishlist

I've been fortunate enough during quarantine to have a solid place to train — in fact, it's fully outfitted by Elitefts! But this whole epidemic has made me realize how much I do want a home gym, just in case of emergencies.


Now, I had this nice, lengthy writeup with explanations about why I'd choose each piece, and then Wordpress ate it all. I'm too frustrated to retype it, so I'm just gonna list stuff and if you have questions on my choices, just ask them in the comments below!

My $10k Home Gym Wishlist

  1. Iso Power Rack
  2. 0-90 Adjustable Incline Bench
  3. Texas Squat, Deadlift, and Power Bars
  4. Ultimate Prowler Pack
  5. Core Blaster Belt Squat and Viking Press attachments
  6. Split-Pad GHR
  7. Plate-Loaded Pulley
  8. Pro Band Pack
  9. Built-Your-Own Chain Pack
  10. American Cambered Bar
  11. Enough weights to sink a battleship
  12. On top of that I'd add Kabuki Transformer and Trap bars, a pair of adjustable dumbbells, and probably some grip tools or even an assault bike as well. Honestly, with all the talk of a "second wave" quarantine later this year, I may be investing in this stuff sooner rather than later — you might consider doing the same yourself.

    Best of luck, stay safe, and happy gains!

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