You’ve probably read a thousand article on how to improve your lifts, and many times they are pretty similar. In today’s log I am going to give you Three Tips to Improve Your Squat that we don’t hear a lot, so read on.

When talking about improving the Squat or any lift, let’s agree that rooting and bracing are the first things we need establish and maintain. These two things are probably the most important part of technique you will need to master.


If the root is poor, it will cause a flaw. Period.

If your bracing is poor, it will also cause a flaw and most likely a failure on the lift.

Let’s agree to agree on that.

But what else can we do on the squat that will create an immediate and drastic improvement?

Tip #1 of Three Tips to Improve Your Squat: SQUEEZE THE BAR!

I don’t mean grip it tight. I mean squeeze like your life depends on it. Squeezing creates radiational tension throughout the body. The harder you squeeze, the more forcefully your muscles can contract.

I ask when is that bad on a squat?

Murmurs from the crowd….never.

Tip #2 of Three Tips to Improve Your Squat: Actively pull yourself down into the descent.

What I mean is to descend with purpose. Don’t just drop.

Drive your knees and hips sideways, spread your way down. If you do this you will load your glutes and hamstrings, and it will keep your weight where it needs to be. Not too far forward on the toes, not too far backwards on the heels. It will be centered, just right. Like warm porridge to the 3 Bears.

Tip #3 of Three Tips to Improve Your Squat: Do every rep with purpose.

All of your reps should be mechanical looking, as if you were a machine executing the same movement over and over.

Purposeful movement done right builds a strong pattern that is repetitive. A repetitive pattern that is executed properly is repeatable. Repeatable patterns done right are going to be successful.  

By using a repeatable, repetitive pattern each time that is done with purpose, you are ingraining the movement. This will carry over under stress (a max lift).

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C.J. Murphy

September 23, 2021

Total Performance Sports