People always love trash talking depth of wide stance squatters after seeing pictures or video. Something to think about. You cannot physically see the crease of the hip from the front due to the mass of quads and such in front if it. To give some perspective I wear my belt with the "bottom" at belly button height. This puts the "bottom" of my belt at least 4" above the crease of my hip.... And anyone that watches me squat knows I don't forward lean and remain erect in the hole. Look at belt position, and think about that... That hip crease is much lower than it actually appears.

If you just took same picture and imagined moving my legs/knees into a close stance position it would look like my knees are running into my chest which you can see with the straight line... And I'm "Burried" 6" deep magically.

EDIT: no one called This squat high. But if you look at the picture it looks like its "just to depth" but further analysis shows it's actually deeper. I am simply trying to use this as an example to help those that don't understand what they are seeing on a wide stance squat. I am NOT trying to defend any of my squats from anything. This video has never even been posted.