We all have this guy in our gym. He’s big, he’s strong, he’s knowledgeable, but he’s also bored. He squats, benches, and deadlifts week in and week out with no variation. Specialty bars? Ha! Accommodating resistance? Ha! You can see the soul leave his eyes with every rep. Light up his training with these 10 gift ideas.

1. Prowler

The prowler is arguably the best conditioning tool on the planet. It's also a great leg builder. The bored lifter will love loading this guy up heavy and dragging/pushing it all over the parking lot. Soccer moms will run in fear.

2. Farmer's Walk Handles

Another great tool for conditioning and strength. Everyone should be doing loaded carries. Oh, and that grip issue with deadlifts? Gone!

3. Bandbell Earthquake Bar

This bar will definitely shake up the bored lifters training! Get it? Get it? But seriously, build some serious stabilization and core strength, trying to press 50% of your max bench with this monster of a specialty bar.

4. Bands/Chains

Even if the bored lifter refuses to try specialty bars, he/she can freshen things up with some bands and chains to add accommodating resistance.

5. Make-A-Wish eBooks

Everyone should already have these simply because the profits go to a great cause. It's awesome that elitefts has these for sale year round. They're packed full of different programs and methods. Get a few for the bored lifter! They're grossly inexpensive for the content.

6. GoFit Combat Rope

Nobody is bored doing battle ropes. Period.

7. Stone of Steel

The bored lifter doesn’t have time to make a bunch of slater molded stones. The stone of steel is like having 100 stones in one. Even if strongman isn’t in the future, loading atlas stones is an awesome accessory to your lifts.

8. Spud, Inc. Pulling Harness

Need a harness for the Prowler, right? Or attach it to your truck for some added awesomeness.

9. Core Blaster

There’s so much that the bored lifter can do with this versatile piece of equipment. T-bar rows, meadows rows, landmines, one arm pressing—it's insane that these aren't standard in every gym. Throw this in the stocking.

10. Sandbag

Sandbag training isn’t just fun—it’s brutal and awesome and everything in between. A 100-pound sandbag will truly test your limits as all of the sand shifts from side to side, from front to back, and everywhere else. Certainly the opposite of boring.

So, you’ve now got 10 items for the bored “big three” lifter. Any one of these items will add some color to his or her drab program, and all 10 will revolutionize his or her training. Let's not forget that when it comes to building size and strength, the barbell is king. And yes, the “big three” are his or her sons, but even monarchs change every once in a while.

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Jeff likes to lift and has been for almost fifteen years — as early as a high school wrestler to now in his law enforcement career.