The holidays are approaching quickly. If you're anything like me, this means that you have a wish list of things you’ve been hinting your boyfriend/friend/family to get for the last four months, since your training has been your main focus. Or maybe you’re an independent badass and want to treat yourself for training so hard. Either way, we’ve all come to a point where we thought “man, I wish I had that at my gym” or “how can I improve my training.” These are my top 10 must-have items any meathead girl can agree to:

1. Bands and Chains (Accommodating Resistance)

Although I do both strongman and powerlifting, I implement accommodating resistance in both. In using the Conjugate/WS methods as a foundation to my training, I’ve learned that it gives you the ability to develop explosive strength and increase power and speed with heavy weight. I use bands or chains for…

  • Dynamic/Speed Work
  • Max Effort Work
  • Accessory Work
  • Supplemental Movements
  • Pin Presses/Pin Pulls
  • Floor Presses
  • Overhead Log Presses

It also can help with stability training — keeping tight under tension.

2. Lat Pull Down

Because a girl who prioritizes training knows that developing a bigger back is a must to getting stronger. Front pull downs, behind the neck pull downs, super sets or high volume reps will leave your boyfriend thinking “BABY GOT BACK.” Tis the season, so let it grow, let it grow, let it grow.

3. Fat Gripz

These are a must-buy. Training with farmers, axel bars, circus Dumbbells, logs —those implements are made with a thicker handle than what you're used to. Fat Gripz can help improve grip strength and lockout.

4. Strong(her)/Strong(er) Shirt

Who doesn't want to feel empow(her)ed? I kid you not, I've had a few guys ask me where they can buy a strong(her) shirt because they've had family members who have battled with cancer or wives who are in the military. It's really a versatile shirt that doesn't necessarily pertain exclusively to training. I think it represents strength and courage. People want to show that they are proud of who they are and who they support in their lives.

5. SS Yoke Bar

One of my favorite specialty bars of all time, and if you want a bigger deadlift and squat, I suggest you get this bad boy. It's easy on the shoulders for those who have a tough time with mobility. Strengthens your back, core and legs, and replicates the back position of coming up from a squat or deadlift. It teaches you to be explosive and follow through with your head fighting to stay somewhat upright. Some other ways to utilize the bar:

  • Front squats
  • JM presses
  • Good Mornings

You can thank me later.

6. Belt

Quintessentially the back bone of your training. At times, it is a controversial issue as to whether or not you should use it in training, but any girl that's serious about lifting heavy understands the value of a belt.

7. Ammonia

My opinion may be biased with getting ammonia because I smell it for fun, but if you want to get hyped and a little angry inside before a lift, get it. Crack that sucker. Stuff it in your nose. And get ready to fucking rage.

8. Shoulder Saver Pad

I use this for supplementary work or accessory work since I do a lot of overhead training during strongman prep. My shoulders get pretty beat up and just can't take the wear and tear at times. The shoulder saver pad is a life changer — a way to simulate the board press. It will take tension off your shoulders and you can use it in two different ways as well: short side (1 board) or fatter side (2 board) for different ranges of motion. I'll sometimes superset a wide grip to close grip as well.

9. Slingshot

Mark Bell’s slingshot is a good tool to have for overload training and a guide to help with technique for your bench. Think of it as a more comfortable bench shirt with no hassle in getting it on. Slingshot or not, the way you row the bar down should be similar in both cases. With the press, you then have the assistance of the slingshot. With overload training, you can either do high volume work or you can go for a heavy single or double to learn how to handle heavier weight.

10. Singlet

A girl who prioritizes training will always have an itch to compete. And if you've never competed before, buying a singlet is your way of telling yourself, "Okay, this is official. I have a singlet. I picked a meet. Let's do this."

Or..."Oh crap, I'm four weeks out. I need a singlet."