The Five “Cs” of Successful Fitness Entrepreneurs

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After being around some of the most financially successful fitness professionals in North America a few weeks ago, the difference between them and the typical trainer struggling to stay afloat became very evident.

Here is what the best of the best have going for them:

1. Confidence
When they talk, people listen. They are not wishy-washy with anything they say. Their message is clearly communicated. They give off energy that people want more of. They have no doubts whatsoever about the value that their fitness business provides and therefore have zero problems talking about money.

Now, confidence isn’t necessarily something that comes to you overnight. You don’t just look in a mirror and say, “Ok, now I’m confident.” But I’ve always found that confidence does build with each success. Success begets success. So with each tiny victory your confidence grows. Internalize that.

2. Courage

They aren’t afraid of rejection. They act despite any fears they may have. They know that presenting an attitude of “I don’t need the money”—even if they really do—will allow them to attract the right type of clients into their business.

Again, even if they do have some trouble asking for money, they do it anyway. They don’t hesitate to offer their multi-month options and sign people up for long-term contracts. They ask for commitments—again—with extreme confidence. They know the energy they’re putting out is the energy they’re getting back.

3. Commitment to high return activities (HRAs)

They use many lead generation tactics, but they have one or two killers working for them and they focus on those like a laser. They don’t have something work for them amazingly well once and then go back to scratching their head wondering what to do next.

If it’s public speaking engagements, they’re making a zillion calls a week to find more, not asking two people and hoping that something turns up.

If it’s networking, they’re going to every event they possibly can. It it’s a body transformation contest, they’re perfecting that event and doing them over and over.

4. Connections

They are networking with the “Who’s Who” in their community. They are becoming one of them. They are a pillar of strength in their community. They want to talk to every successful person that they can. They sit down with influential people and get wired in.

5. Crazy work ethic

They don’t fool themselves into believing that just because they’re busy, they’re working. They actually accomplish things. They start something and get it done. If it works, they do it again and again. If it doesn’t, they don’t throw a pity party and sit around wondering why it didn’t work. They move on. They relentlessly go after what they want.

I know many personal trainers are trying hard. But I also know that many of them aren’t trying hard enough. They might think they are, but they aren’t. Take inventory of how the five “Cs” above apply to you. If your fitness business isn’t where you want it to be, I guarantee that you’re lacking in at least a couple of these areas.

Jim Labadie is the CEO of Prograde Nutrition, a nutritional products company created specifically for fitness professionals. He is also co-owner of Ultimate Business Systems, which provides business coaching services and products to personal trainers. Jim’s newsletters, products, and coaching continue to encourage personal trainers to leave the meathead image behind so that they can be viewed as experts in a world that desperately needs their help. For more information, visit his blog at

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