21's for Guns

Muscles Targeted: none, but will effect IQ (in a negative way)

Not every expert will agree on what to do in the weight room. Some advocate squatting every day, some love the Olympic lifts, while others believe everything should be done on the stability ball.

But most people will agree on what not to do. You shouldn't squat with a hungry wolverrine in your pants, deadlifting while getting your feet smashed with sledgehammer isn't recommended and anything described as "21's" should be avoided like the Lifetime Movie Network.

Now I'm sure there are some frat boys that are doing their Friday arm training and somehow involve "21's". This certainly doesn't make it right. Or if you have a home gym, you can sneak some of these in, although your dog knows enough to call you out which is probably why he left a steamy present on the carpet.

If you find yourself doing these, here are some treatment options:

1. Find yourself a Slayer CD and listen to it for 7 days.

2. If you drink beer, "Light" or "Lite" is not an option.

3. Do not shave your face for 8 weeks.

4. Every other word spoken must be "f*ck" "sh*t" or "motherf*ckin'".

5. You must eat red meat 3x's/day for the rest of your life.

These may be harsh, but since you have grown a Mangina, it's time to push out the penis that god has given you and reclaim your Man-Throne.