Bent Over Rope Rows for Lower Lat Destruction

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Lower about hard to grow.  They add so much shape to a ridiculous back but they can only do that when you actually train them.  How do you train them?  Well, you've got close grip pulldowns and... uhh... supinated one arm pulldowns and..bueller...bueller...

Quit the guesswork.  Try this lower lat destroyer on your next back day.  EliteFTS™ sponsored bodybuilder and IFBB Pro Mark Dugdale demonstrates:

Invented by Dante Trudel of, this movement will pound your lower lats.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1.  When used appropriately (and for your latissimus dorsi's sake...use these appropriately) this movement should be placed near the end a back session with fully pumped lats.   When fully extended, your lats are getting a nice stretch and are in a vulnerable position.  This stretch will feel amazing.  Embrace the stretch and aim to feel every fiber in your lat.  Amplify this stretch by rounding your upper back.

2.  When fully stretched out, slowly start the pull.  Treat your hands as if they are meat hooks and focus on guiding them to your belly button driving with your elbows.  The contraction will be insane.

3.  There are a couple implements to consider when doing this exercise.  In the video above, Mark uses a strap very similar to the Spud Inc Long Ab Strap.  Mark makes a fist once his hands are in the handles and semi-supinates his hands.  This helps eliminate bicep involvement in the exercise.  However, EliteFTS™Coach Justin Harris likes to use a standard rope handle.  Whichever attachment you pick, be sure to eliminate bicep involvement!

4.  Keep the rep scheme high! Mark did 12 reps while Justin did 21.  This is to be a slow, controlled, high-rep pumping movement!  Do not use a weight you could only get for less that 10!

Add this movement to your back day toolbox and your back development will thank you!

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