This is one of the movements that to be honest with you we just said "what the hell try this" and did it. Hey we are building a huge index here and need all we can get but we still will not post crap. This turned out to be a very good movement. The cables do toss you all over the place making this movement much harder than a barbell. This is why I feel this is more of a core (torso) lift than a lower body lift. Either way a great lift that should be able to have a good impart on most training programs.

As pictured get the bar into a rack position. You back straight, elbows up. As you sit down drive your hips back and then down doing your best to keep you knees out (you may have to adjust your stance in relation to the low pulleys). As you come up out of the bottom think of lifting your chest first keeping a nice arch to the back.