When you train in a gym with very limited equipment you come up with interesting ways to train different muscles. This is one movement that I've continued to do over the years. It's one of the most effective shoulder movements I've ever done!

You'll need access to a single "D" handle. (I've also used a kettlebell for this movement with very good results.) Attach the handle to a low pulley device and begin with your arms in front of you. Pull the handle up as you would an upright row until you get to your upper chest. Make sure when you pull that you keep your elbows up.

When you get to the top position, rotate your wrists so your palms face outward and press the handle up and away from you so you'll finish with your arms straight overhead, directly over the line of pull. This also seems to be a great movement for a large volume of training (reps over eight.)

Training Mistakes:

Trying to press the handle back over your head. If the cable hits you in the face, take this as a clue.

Pressing too far in front so you end up with the top position of a front range.

Using a handle with a fixed grip. It can be done, but works much better if the handle revolves.