Let's try something.  I'm going to give you a phrase and you say the first 3 things that come to mind.  Ready?  "Bad shrugs"...

1.  Rolling out my rotators, bro.

2.  The battle waged between shorts, friction, and gravity.

3.  This:

Good. Now let's try, "good shrugs"...

1.  Shoulder health.

2.  No friction.

3.  Time under tension.

And that, my swollen friends, is why the cambered bar shrug needs to be implemented into your trap training.  EliteFTS™ Bodybuilder Mark Dugdale demonstrates:

The cambered bar allows Mark's scapulae to retract naturally, whereas a barbell would increase the likelihood of his shoulders rolling forward.  The cambered bar then encourages a healthy vertical movement, instead of the rotator-roll that is unfortunately seen in too many gyms infested by teenage trap thugs.

Secondly, there is no friction involved.  There is no bar/quad/shorts action and this keeps your pants up and your quads scrape-free.

So what does this mean? You won't have to go fast to keep the bar off your legs, your pants stay up, and your shoulder sockets don't ache the next day.  When it comes to trap work, good posture and time-under-tension will always outweigh sagging shorts and rolled shoulders.

Don't have a cambered bar?  A trap bar works just as well!