Elitefts™ Director of Education Mark Watts demonstrates several overhead press variations using the elitefts™ Core Blaster.

Variations used in this video include:

  1. Half-Kneeling Press
  2. Staggered Stance Press
  3. Squat Press
  4. Press with Band
  5. Rotational Press with Band

Half-Kneeling Press: Very good alternative for beginners or for athletes coming off of a shoulder injury.  The half-kneeling press can drastically reduce hyper-extension in the lumbar spine to compensate for T-spine mobility and keeps the weight slightly in front of the athlete and can reduce impingement because of the close proximity of the arm to the mid-line due to a neutral grip.

Standing Press: This can be done with a parallel or staggered stance.  Setting this exercise up will be more difficult but the resistance will be less than the half kneeling with the same weight on the end of the bar. With the bar more perpendicular to the ground, the load is actually distributed into the shaft of the barbell.

Squat Press: This is sometime referred to a thruster.  This will be a full-body exercise that can be combined with a two handed front squat. The athlete should drive the hips forward to initiate the final press and keep the arm in alignment with the upper body.

Press with Band. Using elitefts pro bands with the Core Blaster is a great combination due to the accommodating resistance works well with both strength curve.  The first strength curve is the human body's biomechanical strength curve with a pressing movement.  The second strength curve is due to the shift from the horizontal to vertical position of the bar.

Rotational or Push Press with Band.  Either one of these options would be a great addition for developing power.  The initiation of both or one hip differentiate this movement.  Regardless of variation,

Factors that increase resistance and level of difficulty with this Exercise:

  1. The Load in terms of Weight
  2. Band Tension
  3. Start Position of the lifter
  4. Volume

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