On the pick-up keep your back tight with a good arch. Flex the wrists and sink the middle of the handle into the meaty part of your hands (below the callus line toward the palms) and squeeze. As you stand let the shoulders hang; do not flex the traps.

Start moving forward with quick short steps leaning forward slightly. As in a sprint let your stride length open naturally as you build momentum. Keep your eyes on the ground about ten feet in front of you.

As you approach the turn, slow slightly, and turn under control. (Whether you choose a wide or narrow turn will depned on your comfort level and trial and error; I prefer a narrow turn.) Once you come out of the turn let the momentum carry you until the apparatus evens out (the outside implement has a tendency to turn across your body.) Once the apparatus steadies pick up your pace
again letting your stride open naturally.

If you must set the apparatus down, do so under control or the implement will get away from you and make the re-pick difficult.