This is a great movement for targeting the lats and upper back. Depending on where you pull you will be able to change the focus on the movement. Pull very high to the upper pecs and you will feel more of the upper back working. Pull to the lower pecs and you will pull more of the lower lat region into the movement. This is great for adding mass to the lats and well as stabilizing the bench press.

The best way I have found to do this movement is to imagine
a string running from the celling to your sternum. This string is pulling your sternum up. This will keep you upper chest high acting as a shelf that you will be pulling the handle to. I have also found you get a much better feel with your back arched with a slight lean back. If you sit to upright you will be working the biceps too much and taking much of the work off the lats. I also like to lean into the movement at the top allowing for a full deep stretch of the lats.

The Fat Bar DD handle is great for this because of the adding grip training it offers but it also keeps more stress on the lats. I am not sure why, maybe because you can't squeeze the bar as hard or maybe it is the lighter weight you will have to use. Either way it is a great bar for doing lat training.

Everyone is different when it comes to sets and reps but I have also found higher reps (8-12) and lower sets (2-3) to be the most effective with this movement.

Fat Bar DD Handle
The Fat Bar Double D handle is great for grip and lat training. 2" thick grip, 8" long, 7 1/2" Center to Center. This is one of many Fat Bar cable attachments but one we feel should be a part of every weight room. One training session with this bar and you will know what we are talking about.

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