We just came out with a new line of Fat Bars and like anything else we come out with, I use the crap out of them. Since using a fatter grip creates a novel stimulus, these things do the job nicely. One of the bars I like a lot is the Fat Bar 3" triceps bar.

The pushdown is a pretty straightforward movement. Start at the point where your arms are bent and you feel your forearms against your biceps, keep your elbows in and push the bar down.

The great thing about the fat bar is it seems to disperse the stress throughout the entire triceps region while taking much of it away from the elbows. Will pushdowns give you a huge bench? I don’t think so, but they'll help you condition your elbows for the stress of heavy pressing.

Training Mistakes:

Thinking that this will give you a huge bench. Pushdowns should be one of the last things you do for your bench and triceps training.

Going too heavy and leaning way over the bar.

Grunting and screaming. Come on! It’s a damn pushdown, not a strength show!

Try a few of these exercises to bring up those weak points or prevent injury!