Standing EZ bar Curls with Chains

Muscles Trained - Pythons

Do you ever do an exercise and then think to yourself, "What the hell was I doing?" Well I'm not sure that Dave ever has. That is what keeps him fresh in the weight room and consistently innovating. Unfortunately, it also leads to such movements as "Standing EZ Bar Curls with Chains".

Now I'm going to give everyone a heads-up on this one, just so that the entire lifting community is on the same page.

Don't do this exercise.

But I know some of you that are card carrying members of the Dave Tate Fan Club, so my efforts are in vain. There are a lot of great parts to this pic but the most important one is Dave's 'stache. See Dave has a goattee/mustache combo, but it looks as if he's sporting a Mini-Magnum on his upper lip. This is ultra cool.

There are two things that cool men rarely rock - The wrap-around and the 'stache. These seem to have been in vogue in the 70's but somehow have lost their flare. When the fashion of the 70's came back (bell bottoms, tye dye, etc.) the wrap-around (Also known as the Stubing) and a Killer Pushbroom seem to have been left in the dust.

Screw that. Bring 'em back and wear them proud.

I'll let you go first.