Swiss Bar Yates Rows

TAGS: Upper Back, lats, swiss bar, rows, back

The Yates Row, popularized by the great Dorian Yates, is great for building massive lats and upper back mass.  Take a look at Yates' back if you want some proof.

The movement is a variation on the standard bent barbell row.  However, with the Yates row, the position and the pull are much different than a traditional row.

The angle of your back will be less than that of a traditional barbell row.  In other words, you'll be standing up straighter.  You'll want your back to be at a 20-35 degree angle; in between the positions you'd take for an upright row and a traditional row.  When you move the weight, you're going to pull it more towards your waist than your chest.  Think of pulling the bar into your belly/waist, rather than up towards your ribs.

Give 'em a try, and build your back into something to be proud of.

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