As strength and speed coaches, we are taught from the great coach's before us, some of the most basic and crucial speed drills out there. I've learned that it doesn't have to be complicated to be effective. A simple drill that we all learn are Wall Drives for creating a foundation in teaching the lean and hip position while accelerating.

However, Joe DeFranco puts this drill into perspective, and discourages us coaches from using it. Why? Well, it is simply unrealistic. When an athlete accelerates, their foot should plant directly under the hip, then extends into a forceful stride. In the wall drill, the foot is planted where the stride should end.

While athletes of all ages have difficulty creating force production from their short, choppy strides, by performing the wall drill we are reinforcing bad mechanics.

Still want to reinact the lean, hip position, and knee drive without full speed? Joe suggests HEAVY Elite FTS™ Prowler marches and Elite FTS™ Sled drags. This allows the athletes to lean into the prowler while planting the foot underneath the hip to get adequate force production.