Julia Ladewski uses an EliteFTS™ Cambered Bar for several different lifts for variation. Here, she performs her sumo dead lifts with the cambered bar while in a Zercher position.


Zercher squats, lunges, and RDL's are on most lifter's love/hate exercise list. Who doesn't love a burn in their biceps while training lower body strength?

In this case, the Zercher position allows for proper posture to be maintained when in the dead lift. It helps keep the chest up, low back engaged, and abs tight.

The bar will be placed in the crook of your elbows as seen in the video. Low back stays arched and chest grows tall. Also, keep your arms close to your body.

You might get some sweet bruises, especially if you aren't used to the Zercher position. However, here is a tip from Dave that may help:

"Some of the pain can be alleviated by placing a single 2 x 6 board (approximately 16-18" in length) in the crook of your elbows and placing the bar on it."