The following program is built to rapidly grow one's work capacity while maintaining strength. There will still be gains in strength at this time but the goal is to make substantial gains in work capacity without sacrificing strength, as often happens. It may take a full cycle to ramp up to where you are able to work at full capacity as written in the Week 1-3 phase. To do this, use smaller loads on the prowler, grappler, swings, or reps on the rope so that you can complete the entire HIIT session. Then over the first three weeks of the cycle, ramp these loads up as your capacity increases. In following cycles your goal is to start at that higher load immediately at week one and maintain through week three. From there, use the same weights/reps/time-on but cycle down as prescribed by dropping circuits or sessions.

MAW plan

[Editor's Note: The information you see on this piece of paper is straight from the mind of Chris Duffin. Dave gave Chris a call one afternoon and asked that he help contribute to the Make-A-Wish Holiday Manuals. Immediately, and without pause, Chris sat down and recorded the precise methods he has used to help himself and other lifters at Elite Performance Center. There is no second-hand recreation or low-level journalism tactics to make this appealing. It is simply the thoughts of an all-time world record holder.] Here is some more information about how I usually train. Based on the above workout and the basic tenants of my training methods, you can get a good idea of how you can put these techniques to use.

    • The most important thing for any lifter (0:07)
    • Duffin’s training protocol (0:25)
    • How and why does Duffin measure the speed of trainings lifts? (3:05)
    • How does Duffin adjust his training parameters based on the speed of his lifts? (5:06)
    • How do Duffin’s training methods change when in preparation for a meet? (6:36)
    • What allows Duffin to recover from heavy training more easily than most lifters are able? (8:12)
    • How Duffin coaches at Elite Performance Center (9:53)