In this interview I sit down with up-and-coming raw bench press specialist Leroy "The Machine" Walker. Leroy is 38 years old and has a 675-pound competition bench press to his name with a narrow miss at 705 pounds at Relentless Detroit last year following a bar misload. Leroy started in the sport in his teenage years but took a break from lifting and competing for a number of years in his late 20's and 30's. In his return to the sport he is making a quick name for himself in his quest to be the next 700+ raw bencher.
It is evident in our discussion that Leroy is a 'tactician' when it comes to his training approach. He gives a lot of thought to what he is doing and is constantly assessing his press, training methodology, and recovery methods. It was a pleasure to be able to have some time to begin discussing some of these topics. While we only scratched the surface in this interview, we made plans to dive further into depth in a series of interviews in the future. Look forward to more great lifting from Leroy "The Machine" Walker as well as more content from this gentleman in the future.

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