In this interview, I sit down with Ryan “Bench Monster” Kennelly.  Ryan recently took a several year hiatus from the sport after dominating the shirted bench press world for quite some time. Ryan has more over 1000-pound competition bench presses than any other lifter. His best record-setting lift was an incredible 1075. Many people probably are not aware that of benchers of his caliber, Ryan is one of the very few who have never had any major pec or shoulder issue requiring medical intervention. Ryan is a master of the technical aspect of benching and doing so safely to preserve his lifting career. In this interview we discuss his return to the sport and his goals.

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It was a great pleasure to have Ryan take the time to come to my gym, The Kabuki Strength Lab, and sit down and share his thoughts with everyone in this interview. The primary purpose of Ryan's visit was to help provide him some direction on dealing with some spine issues in regards to his training. But we also worked on some ShouldeRok swinging and benching with the Duffalo Bar, which he loved both. Ryan ended up deciding to take one of each home to incorporate in his training. We also worked on refining the squat technique for his fiancé, Ashley Condray, who is a very competitive lifter in her own rights.

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