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In this two part series, Chris Duffin sits down with Dr. Stuart McGill. Dr. McGill is the leading researcher on Biomechanics in the world.   He is a professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo (Waterloo, ON, Canada). His advice is often sought by governments, corporations, legal experts and elite athletes and teams from around the world. Difficult back cases are regularly referred to him for consultation.

In this rare interview, McGill and Chris share their passion for engineering and design outside of the human body and movement. They reach into discussions about vehicle suspension and chassis design and relate the same processes to ‘tuning’ of the human body for performance.

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These conversations relate to not only powerlifting, but all athletes. They discuss where athletes often go wrong in their warmup routines and the impact to their performance. Following their easily incorporated suggestions for improved competition and training prep will increase your performance and reduce your risk of injury. They also delve into the subject of maximizing ‘neural drive’ and how to do so in athletic development.

More of Dr. McGill’s work including his textbooks and DVD’s can be found on his website including his most recent book, Back Mechanic: The Step-by-Step McGill Method to Fix Back Pain.

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