Dan Green has a 2,065-pound total at 200 pounds and a 2,210-pound total at 242 — both records at the time. He is not only one of the greatest lifters of the current generation but also of all time.

Andrew Herbert is a cop and firefighter in California. As part of the 242-pound weight class, he set a world record of 910.5 pounds in a raw single squat in the U.S. Kern Open in May 2018. He trains under Dan Green at the Boss Barbell Club.

By the minute:

  • (2:32) How do I get stronger at 41 years old?
  • (20:53) Why do you focus on compound movements more than isolation movements in your programming?
  • (35:50) Dan’s key indicators for bench press; stretching and groin pain
  • (42:18) Sumo mobility
  • (49:41)  Does Dan use conventional/auxiliary exercises to his sumo?
  • (51:28) “The back is the engine of the powerlifter”
  • (55:30) Simple exercises are good for variations; Andrew brings up training with and without straps as a type of variation
  • (58:25) Intensity in powerlifting vs. bodybuilding
  • (1:05:12) Dave’s key to being the best powerlifter a person can be
  • (1:06:00) Dan as a meet host
  • (1:10:46) Dan promotes upcoming meets
  • (1:12:51) “As a business, how do you create value?”