Dave Tate and Joe Bennett’s Table Talk Podcast episode covers a lot about online coaching and intermediate-level lifters and bodybuilders.

And that’s why Dave brings up the subject of beginners who want to get involved in strength sports in this clip.

The fitness industry is brutal. According to Dave, it’s worse than nutrition, which is something Joe won’t even dare touch. It’s all about the money, and unfortunately, most of the beginners will start there.

Dave advises they start with proper technique and take their time.

"My greatest fear in today’s [strength] industry... is that somebody comes in as a beginner and hires a coach because they’re never going to last. As soon as that coach is gone... they quit. Because they didn’t have that time like we had of just going into the gym and figuring shit out. I think that is lost."

Dave thinks it’s up to people like him and Joe to firmly remind people in the industry to send newbies good resources and try to figure it out. Once they figure out a couple sticking points (not just one), then they might want to give it another go.

Joe advises any true beginners listeners to ask themselves why they’re doing this — and hopefully not for a superficial reason.

"Ask yourself: Can I do this for a long period of time?"

But don’t forget about having fun. Part of it is camaraderie and another part is work ethic. It’s OK if you suck at first. Live and learn... and then pass on.

Joe’s more “nuts and bolts” answer is to pick some big but also basic movements to start multiple times a week. He also suggests looking at older powerlifters and bodybuilders and learning from their mistakes.

"I wouldn’t ever want anyone to get too caught up on the nuts and bolts. Do all that stuff first, get someone to help you adhere, enjoy your time in the gym, and focus on all that fun stuff."

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