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Marshall Johnson

team elitefts™ Pro Powerlifter Marschall Johnson

From the Elitefts Q&A


How much do you do depending on what stage you are in training?


As far as conditioning goes, the best meet I ever had I was doing consistent cardio.

Two days a week I would use a prowler.

We would take 80 yard trips with minimal weights, maybe 45 or 90lbs depending on how ambitious we were feeling.

We took 80 yard trips, usually 8 trips total, sprinting.

We did these after our lower days. So if we squatted Tuesday we did cardio Wednesday.

We didn't want it to interfere in any way with our main lifts.

About three weeks out from the meet I stopped this.

I had the best meet of my life, and a lot of it was do to my condition.

- Marshall Johnson